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This Clothing Retailer Shows You The Number Of “Likes” Their Clothes Have Right On The Hangers

By David Ponce

In an innovative attempt to bridge the gap between the online and the real world, Brazilian retailer C&A has started to display the amount of “likes” each of their clothing items has garnered through their being on display on their website. They’re calling this initiative “Fashion Like.” Presumably this would help clueless customers know what is more popular, perhaps helping them reach a decision faster. We wonder however if this wouldn’t lead to some cannibalization between items. Wouldn’t articles with the lowest number of likes simply become increasingly unpopular, leading to fewer sales, in favour of the more popular ones? How much of a clothing retailer’s sales figures come from a certain percentage of patrons not knowing what to buy and just grabbing whatever is there?

[ C&A Facebook Fashion Like (In Portugese) ] VIA [ NewLaunches ]

  • Melocchi®

    Choose and dress up for yourself, not based on what others would “like” you to wear. Some decisions need to remain simple as that.

  • bhushan

    Quite a novel concept.  But I must agree with your post and comment.  It especially doesn’t make sense in Brazil, considering the population is generally fashion- savvy and so would be put off by the general social sentiment.