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This See-Through Caterpillar Is Not Photoshopped

This See-Through Caterpillar Is Not Photoshopped

By David Ponce

We have decided to stop making apologies for writing about stuff that isn’t gadgety. So what if it isn’t? So long as we think it’s cool, there’s a good chance someone else will. We happen to think the above picture, for example, is the bee’s knees. It was shot by scuba Instructor and amateur photographer Gerardo Aizpuru. The lovely specimen is called the Jewel Caterpillar and grows to just barely over an inch in length. It’s a member of the moth species known as Acraga coa. So how does it manage to be transparent? Much in the same way that the liquid (the vitreous humour) in your eye is also see-through, which “happens when collagen forms a lattice instead of a chaotic array.”

Interestingly, the little caterpillar turns into a funny looking moth, which we included a picture of after the break.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]