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New Spray Can Get You Drunk For A Few Seconds At A Time

New Spray Can Get You Drunk For A Few Seconds At A Time

By David Ponce

At least, that’s the headline most blogs are using regarding the Wahh Quantum Sensations, a new product from famed designer Philipe Stark and a scientist named David Edward. The truth might actually be a little more subtle. The Wahh is a lipstick-sized spray that contains a mixture of alcohol, water and aromas, and a single spritz allegedly gets you drunk for just a few seconds. Here’s what we think they mean: it’ll make you feel slightly lightheaded for a few seconds, as if you took a couple of sips of wine. But you won’t be drunk. Matter of fact, one of the selling points is that you can pass an alcotest right after. It’s even called Quantum Sensations because “one spray will release 0.075ml of alcohol, the minimum quantity for the particles to stimulate the brain and offer real sensations to your palate, thus delivering a “quantum of alcohol”, without risk of inebriation.” Yeah, so it’s a $20 gadget that releases the very minimum amount of alcohol for your to feel anything at all, for very little time. And… you get 21 presses per tube. If you thought bottle water was ridiculously overpriced, you now have a new benchmark.

[ Press Release (In French, from AFP) ] VIA [ NewLaunches ]


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