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Haiku Fan Would Look Great On Any Ceiling, Even Hung On Wall

Haiku Fan Would Look Great On Any Ceiling, Even Hung On Wall

By David Ponce

There’s a good chance your home has a fan, but if it’s not the Haiku fan, then it’s definitely not the most advanced on the market. Not only does Haiku look pretty darn amazing for what it is but it’s got some serious tech to boot. Oh and before we tell you about that, those aren’t three blades you’re looking at. That’s three airfoils, with a shape specially designed to move more air with less effort.

Introducing Haiku’s Sensorless Drive Technology™, a unique, ultra-efficient direct current (DC) motor with patent-pending electronic controls. The core of the motor is a permanent toroid magnet, which is more efficient than the electromagnet used in most motors. Haiku sets a new standard for quiet ceiling fans, with windings tightly fixed within this totally-enclosed core, ensuring they will never separate and cause vibration.

Haiku not only starts off quiet, but also stays quiet—even at high speeds, and even after years of use.

The use of direct current and permanent magnets yields a motor 80% more efficient than traditional AC offerings.

Other features include a timer, to turn the fan off after a set time period, and a sleep feature which gradually steps the speed down over time. And speaking of speed, the fan has seven including a setting called Whoosh, ” a proprietary algorithm that simulates the variations in natural airflow for greater user comfort.”

So yeah… good looking fan, quiet, efficient, full of tech. Damage? Between $825 and $1,045 depending on the materials.

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