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Wiss Auto-Retracting Knife Could Save A Fingertip Or Two

Wiss Auto-Retracting Knife Could Save A Fingertip Or Two

By David Ponce

What makes box cutters great at cutting boxes open also happens to make them pretty great at cutting flesh. Sad but true. So that’s why we like the Wiss auto-retracting utility knife, old tech as it might be. To start cutting, you push the blade out with the slider button. But then a spring loaded mechanism retracts the glad as soon as you’ve made your cut, reducing the risk of injuries. To start cutting again you simply have to push the blade out once more. Some might find it inconvenient to have to push that blade out every time. To them we say, ‘suck it up’, because if you’re not able to take a third of a second extra in the name of safety, you shouldn’t be doing anything time consuming at all, seeing as you seem to have so little of it.

This low on tech but high on ingenuity knife also doesn’t break the bank: $15.

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