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This Ice Tray Makes Fancy Clear Cubes

This Ice Tray Makes Fancy Clear Cubes

By David Ponce

On a recent trip to NYC I had the opportunity to visit a speakeasy. This is hipster parlance for freaking-expensive-and-somewhat-pretentious-bar. Sure, the drink was good, but I’m not convinced it was $16 good. Still, maybe the price was partly justified because of the fancy ice cube they put in it. It was as clear as crystal, and far far removed from the cloudy turds my freezer produces. Turns out that the reason they look like this is because our ice trays suck. In nature, ice is formed in layers, with the cold coming in from above and the impurities in water being pushed down lower and lower. In regular ice trays, the cold comes in from all sides, leaving nowhere for these impurities to go, creating the ugly cubes we all know. Well with the Polar Ice Crystal Ice Cube Tray, you can make your own clear ice cubes at home.

Featuring an insulated bottom, the tray only exposes the top part of the water to the frigid freezer air, creating the ice much like in nature. Once ready, you can shave off the bottom (where the impurities will have gathered), and you’ll be left with your very own hipster ice. Each tray only produces one cube of about 250ml, and there are three molds available to make cubes, triangles and “natural rock”.

It’s $19 and if you ask me, sounds like a lot of fun.

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