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Resin Based iPhone Skin Lets You Stick Your Phone To Things

Resin Based iPhone Skin Lets You Stick Your Phone To Things

By David Ponce

Mostly, the pictures make it look like you’ll be able to stick your phone to a window and take pictures. Which is kind of cool, we guess. But really if you think about it, when was the last time you wished you could just prop your phone up on a window and have it stay there? Yeah, us neither. But whatever, for $20 you can do just that with the Ugard Resing Skin, an iPhone case covered in a special material that makes it somewhat tacky and adhesive. Supposedly it leaves no residue, although we can imagine that it gathers dust pretty well and that it would make inserting and removing from pocket marginally more difficult. So we’re not altogether sold on the concept, cheap as it is at €15.50 (~$20 USD).

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  • Zotel

    This is perfect for recording a fireworks show that you can see from a hotel room window, or if you want to record a riot but stay hidden below window level…

  • Ed Dodt

    we got some sheets of the resin/silicon stuff for the car dashboard…it keeps the kleenex box from sliding around and sunglasses near at hand…when it gets dusty and quits working…you just wash it off with water….works great!

  • myphonestuff

    That is extremely cool.

    (a) Does the skin pick up dust/dirt and is it easy to clean?
    (b) Does it stay sticky?