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In A Throwback To Days Of Yore, USB Stick Lets You Use Wax Seal

By David Ponce

The best way to make sure no one accesses your documents is to use a strong encryption algorithm and a long, hard-to-guess password. But hey, everyone knows that, and it’s new and modern and sort of expected. To add an old-timey twist to your data securing needs, the above Top Secret Custom Made USB stick is made out of porcelain. This makes it possible to apply a wax seal to it. Seal is unbroken when you receive the stick: you know the contents haven’t been peeked at. If it is… well, then we hope you used a password, like we told you.

You get to pick your colour of wax from bordeaux red, orange, pink, blue and green. You also get to pick which “classic letter” to have imprinted on the wax press. The entire kit consisting of the wax, the press, the porcelain 2, 4 or 8GB stick costs €35 or about $46.

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