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Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Bunch Of Floppy Drives Play James Bond Theme

By David Ponce

It appears that machines being rigged to play the theme from James Bond is becoming a thing. First we reported on swarm of quadrotor bots belting out the tune by playing some instruments. Well, now we bring you a video of 8 floppy drives (remember those?) rigged to play the same melody. It’s the work of the Purdue University for the Association of Electrical Technologists (AET) club during Technology Week. We think it rocks.

VIA [ Technabob ]

Brewsees Glasses Feature Beer Bottle Opener On Arm

By David Ponce

There are beach sandals with beer bottle openers in the soles. Which is great and stuff, but when you think about it… the soles are pretty dirty things. What if you just stepped into some dog poo? You gonna want to open that beer? That was the through process that led one Rob Ianelli to found Brewsees Eyewear and create the “12?oz’er”.

The 12?oz’er is your go to pair of sunglasses with a fashionable wrap around style, black finish and of course, polarized lenses to keep that man face of yours free from those harmful UV rays. Each pair arrives in a custom beer bottle coozie you can use to keep your shades safe and by all means, keep the beer cold. Each opener is formed from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum and you’re going to feel how strong these puppies are.

It’s $30.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

Props Attachment Keeps Earbuds From Dropping Down When Out Of Your Ears

By David Ponce

We live in a comfortable world, where thinking men and women spend time and effort creating products that solve the smallest, most insignificant of problems we have. Like when we take our earbuds out for a little bit, and have nowhere to put them. Do we just hold them in our hands? Let’em dangle down? Our pockets? The Prop is a polypropylene and silicone tether that latches onto your earbuds and holds onto them when they come out. It comes with an adjustable slider “for a perfect fit”, but really we think that feature is just something someone thought of so that they could put it in the product description. It’s $5 and is being made by Quirky, so it should see production soon, although we’re not sure exactly when.

[ Product Page ]

Here’s A Portal Weighted Companion Cube Cookie Jar

By David Ponce

You like cookies, right? Well, if you’re a normal, well-adjusted geek, you should.

And here’s the jar for you.

It’s $30.

[ Product Page ]

Futae Compass Eyelid Brush Gives You Two Eyelids, Seems Like It Might Run Into Some Issues

By David Ponce

In several asian cultures, a double eyelid is desirable. In Japan this is called “Futae” and is an eyelid that more closely resembles Caucasian eyes, rather than the more-common-among-Asians single eyelid. There’s a few ways to achieve this look, with some resorting the the rather serious East Asian Blepharoplasty, a cosmetic procedure meant to surgically create the missing fold. Others simply draw it on, and the Futae Compass Eyelid Brush is meant to help in this endeavour. Place one end of the tool right on your cheek and a small sponge-like wheel on the other end will create a perfect line right across your lid. Sounds great in principle. We’d like to think that not every person of Asian descent has a perfectly semi-circular lid, nor an eye of the same size. But hey, for $63 you can order the thing and see if it works for you.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ChipChick ]

NOFAN CR-95C Uses No Fan, No Liquid For CPU Cooling

By David Ponce

Keeping a CPU cool is typically the job of the fan. It’s noisy and the standard ones do an average job of things. More serious gamers and over clockers typically go the liquid-cooling way, which is quieter and much more efficient. But it’s also an intricate setup, requiring some plumbing and a pump. Nothing the average geek can’t handle, but it doesn’t even come close to the elegance and quietness of a fanless, passive design, like the NOFAN CR-95C. Made entirely out of copper and looking rather bling, it “is rated to cool CPUs of up to 100W TDP without the need for a fan. Judging from all the Intel and AMD leaks, that level efficiency ought to have you covered regardless of whether you opt for Ivy Bridge or Trinity”, which are the next generation processors to come out of the big two. The NOFAN CR-95C weighs in at a rather hefty 1,020g, putting it slightly over a kilo and measures 180mm by 148mm. it comes out sometime in June for an undisclosed price.

[ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Hippopotamus Table

By David Ponce



We have no idea!

We looked and looked for info and we can’t find any.

Anyone know more on this?

VIA [ LikeCool ]

The Jigger Lights Up Your Cancer Sticks Flame-Free

By David Ponce

Smoking up is not cool and all that. We’re equal opportunity haters though, which means that what you do is really up to you and we’re not going to preach. If you’re into it however, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a nice good puff of sulphur from trying to light up with a match. Or struggled against the wind, cowering in a corner, keeping a flame alive. Fun stuff, right? The Jigger, a more than 2 year old gadget, fixes all that. Press the button and a metal coil gets to red hot in an instant, so you can get your fix with none of the regular flame related struggles. The standard version sells for $29.99 and will light 250 smokes before needing a recharge while the fancier Prestige version is good for 300 lights and sells for $49.99. Recharging is done through USB and while the company says “light cigarettes of any size”, we do feel the need to point out that it’s cigarettes it works with, and not cigars. Still, for something that will be allowed in an airplane and work in any weather, we’re pretty impressed.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geeky-Gadgets ]

Necomimi Cat Ears Supposedly Controlled Via Thought [Updated]

By David Ponce

Alright… so, the very Japanese product Necomimi is a pair of furry cat ears that are attached to a NeuroSky “mind-reading” headset. It allegedly detects your mood, and reflects it through the ears. Concentrating? They perk up. Sad? They, uh, droop. There’s a total of four different moods it can display. It’s weird if it works, and it’s just sad if it doesn’t. There’s no winning.

It looks really sketchy, and makes for a very expensive design statement at best. How expensive? Try a cool $195.

Updates: The company has contacted us to let us know of a few corrections that need to be made to the above article. For one, $195 is the importer’s price. The product hasn’t yet launched in the States, and when it does, it may be more or less. Likely less. However, these imported units may not work Stateside due to “conflicting Hz levels.” We’re not sure what that means, or whether it even makes sense. Likely, it’s just not been FCC certified, which means it could still work but might interfere with other electronics. Finally, “down” ears mean a relaxed state of mind, not one of sadness. If you watch their promotional video, on the product page, you’ll see why we thought what we did.

[ Product Page ]