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Back To The Future LEGO Could Very Well Become Reality

Back To The Future LEGO Could Very Well Become Reality

By David Ponce

So it turns out that LEGO has this thing called LEGO Cuusoo, which is kind of a digital suggestion box. You can create your own designs of LEGO sets that you’d like to see, and if they get at least 10,000 votes, the company will seriously look at it and potentially make it. The above Back To The Future set has reached that milestone, so there’s a pretty decent chance it’ll become a real product. Not everything gets approved however. A Shaun Of The Dead design that had reached the threshold was vetoed by the company on the grounds that it was too violent a movie for its target market of young kids. But the BTTF concept you see above should not run into the same problem. The set

includes all the pieces to make three versions of the DeLorean, one for each movie, along with the required props and minifigs of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. It will require you to build your own Lego Hill Valley .

We can’t imagine anything derailing this project, other than not being able to secure the rights maybe. So it should only be a matter of time until we update you with availability information.

[ LEGO Cuusoo ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]


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