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These Vortex Salt And Pepper Shakers Defy Logic

These Vortex Salt And Pepper Shakers Defy Logic

By David Ponce

Well, not really. Nothing really defies logic. But the way these glazed ceramic salt and pepper shakers work might leave some confused. The product of 3D printing company Shapeways, they feature a large funnel in their centre. There’s no other opening for letting the salt and pepper out or in. You simply fill them up through the funnel, and then watch as only a little bit of the stuff comes back out when you invert them over your food. Of course, when you really start to think about how it works, you understand that it’s really very simple: the opening for the outgoing salt and pepper is much, much smaller than it is for the incoming. They also look really nice, so it seems as though the $52 asking price is almost justified.

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