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The Jigger Lights Up Your Cancer Sticks Flame-Free

The Jigger Lights Up Your Cancer Sticks Flame-Free

By David Ponce

Smoking up is not cool and all that. We’re equal opportunity haters though, which means that what you do is really up to you and we’re not going to preach. If you’re into it however, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a nice good puff of sulphur from trying to light up with a match. Or struggled against the wind, cowering in a corner, keeping a flame alive. Fun stuff, right? The Jigger, a more than 2 year old gadget, fixes all that. Press the button and a metal coil gets to red hot in an instant, so you can get your fix with none of the regular flame related struggles. The standard version sells for $29.99 and will light 250 smokes before needing a recharge while the fancier Prestige version is good for 300 lights and sells for $49.99. Recharging is done through USB and while the company says “light cigarettes of any size”, we do feel the need to point out that it’s cigarettes it works with, and not cigars. Still, for something that will be allowed in an airplane and work in any weather, we’re pretty impressed.

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