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Necomimi Cat Ears Supposedly Controlled Via Thought [Updated]

Necomimi Cat Ears Supposedly Controlled Via Thought [Updated]

By David Ponce

Alright… so, the very Japanese product Necomimi is a pair of furry cat ears that are attached to a NeuroSky “mind-reading” headset. It allegedly detects your mood, and reflects it through the ears. Concentrating? They perk up. Sad? They, uh, droop. There’s a total of four different moods it can display. It’s weird if it works, and it’s just sad if it doesn’t. There’s no winning.

It looks really sketchy, and makes for a very expensive design statement at best. How expensive? Try a cool $195.

Updates: The company has contacted us to let us know of a few corrections that need to be made to the above article. For one, $195 is the importer’s price. The product hasn’t yet launched in the States, and when it does, it may be more or less. Likely less. However, these imported units may not work Stateside due to “conflicting Hz levels.” We’re not sure what that means, or whether it even makes sense. Likely, it’s just not been FCC certified, which means it could still work but might interfere with other electronics. Finally, “down” ears mean a relaxed state of mind, not one of sadness. If you watch their promotional video, on the product page, you’ll see why we thought what we did.

[ Product Page ]


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