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LawnBott SpyderEvo Is A Roomba For Your Yard

LawnBott SpyderEvo Is A Roomba For Your Yard

By David Ponce

Robots for the home are coming of age, though they’re still a far cry from the tea making, back rubbing, bed tucking electro-lackeys we all figured we’d have by now. Still, we can’t complain when you realize that there are robots to vacuum your rugs, scrub your linoleum, squeegee your windows and mow your lawn. The LawnBott SpyderEvo is obviously a member of that last group, and the $1,700 machine can take care of yards up to 10,000 sq. ft. all on its own. It uses a perimeter wire as well as a set of sensors to be fully autonomous, even going back to its own options recharge station to be ready for another day’s work without any human intervention. Its internal battery will keep it cutting for up to 3.5 hours, while its rugged wheels and AWD let it tackle hills up to 27 degrees.

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