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Lighter Shaped Pepperspray Will Stay Incognito

Lighter Shaped Pepperspray Will Stay Incognito

By David Ponce

Using pepperspray is not as simple as you’d think. For one, when is the right time to take it out? Is that creepy guy walking behind you really after you, or is he just… walking behind you? Do you want to take your spray out right away and risk looking the fool if he then up and crosses the street? You wouldn’t feel so reluctant to take it out if it didn’t, you know, look like a self-defence tool. That’s why the above could be a good idea. It’s wearing a disguise, looking for all intents and purposes just like a lighter. But don’t go making the mistake of trying to light a cigarette with it.

Here’s where things get a little complicated. For one, it’s… $4. What kind of pepper spray are you buying for that price? And two, there happen to be a bunch of laws governing the purchase, import and ownership of something like this. All of which you’ll have to look into yourself before splurging on that.

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