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Nero Multi Trigger Will Capture The Perfect Shot

Nero Multi Trigger Will Capture The Perfect Shot

By David Ponce

You may think you’re a photography ninja, able to capture the perfect shot at the perfect moment. The truth is you may get lucky now and then, but if you’re after any sort of reliability, you’re going to want to equip yourself with more sensitive equipment. Pictures like this one sometimes happen by accident (as it did here), but very often they’ll have been triggered by a piece of gear like the above Nero Multi Trigger. Featuring extremely sensitive optical, sound and laser sensors, you’ll be able to set it so that it triggers your camera just at the right moment, whether you want to capture lightning or balloon pops, or any event that would normally be too fleeting for your own fingers. It mounts to the hot shoe on your Nikon or Canon and runs on a set of AAA batteries. As you can imagine, sensitivity levels are immensely adjustable, to accommodate for whatever event you want to shoot.

It’s $200.

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