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Here’s The Poor Man’s Facelift

Here’s The Poor Man’s Facelift

By David Ponce

No one likes wrinkles, that most depressing of reminders that with each passing day you’re getting one step closer to having both feet firmly planted in your grave. There are all manner of things people do to flatten them out, from going under the knife to rubbing expensive creams on them. In Japan, some people opt for the above. It’s called the Houreisen Face Exercise Mask. It looks silly, and we doubt it even works, but what do we know? It’s a rubbery mask that creates resistance for the muscles in your face, giving them a workout. You’re encouraged to “open and close your mouth for ten minutes each day and you will notice the results.”

Color us skeptical, and at $93, we won’t even try to find out. Not that we have any wrinkles to start with…

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