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RoboReel Cord Winder Is Packed With Features

RoboReel Cord Winder Is Packed With Features

By David Ponce

Somewhere in your garage you might have an extension cord, perhaps even a cord winder, but if you don’t already own the RoboReel Cord Winder, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on something better. It’s made from tough chemical resistant plastic and is powered by a small electric motor that has two winding speeds, fast at first and slowing down near docking to prevent whipping action. The speed and docking distance can both be adjusted to accommodate different setups, and the RoboReel will not wind at all when the cord is in use. It has redundant thermostats to prevent overheating and fires, with an emergency power shutoff that will cut off electricity if it detects that the cord has been severed. It will also stop winding the available 50 ft. of cord if there’s any resistance, preventing accidents. The end of the cord features a three outlet receptacle ball, plus a winding button; press it and watch the machine spring into action.

Of course this kind of tech doesn’t come cheap, at $329. However there’s a 4 year or 4,000 winds, “bumper-to-bumper” guarantee to protect your investment.

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