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BrewCave Is The Holy Grail Of Malted Beverage Storage And Dispensing

By David Ponce

If you’ve got $6,400 lying around, you should go buy the BrewCave you see above. And let us move in with you. Because that’s the most badass walk-in, beer-dispensing refrigerator we’ve ever seen. It’s also the only one, but that’s beside the point. The unit has panels with 4 inches of insulation, so you know the contents will remain frosty. And by contents we mean the 30 cases of beer, plus the 4 kegs you can fit in there. If you think about it, actually, this could also be the world’s largest kegerator, seeing as there’s a tap on the outside so you can simply walk up to it and top up your mug.

It’s shipped to you disassembled so you can easily put it anywhere you want (that thing wouldn’t fit through a door anyway), although we’d recommend waiting until you’ve put it all together before enjoying any of the beer you’ll be stuffing in there.

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  • AllAbout…

    David this is a cool article but I do think, in the spirit of extra rigorous product review, one should be ordered and put through more testing. Would be happy to assist in the testing.