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How’s A $21 Nokia Phone Fancy Ya?

How’s A $21 Nokia Phone Fancy Ya?

By David Ponce

Of course, you’ll have to go to Nigeria to get your hands on one. It’s called the Nokia 103 and is the Finnish giant’s cheapest ever. And it’s also probably one of the simplest looking to come out of their labs in recent memory. And yet, given the price and it’s appearance, it’s got some decent features:

Apart from its fresh look, durable anti-scratch cover and anti-dust keyboard, the Nokia 103 is designed with long lasting battery life – 27 days standby time and up to 11 hours of talk time. Other features include built-in flashlight, FM radio, speaking clock and MP3 grade ringtones.

Of course this is a good strategy for Nokia, seeing as the higher end of the market is so crowded and margins so thin. There’s a huge segment of the world’s population that still doesn’t own a mobile phone for simple economic reasons and this market already represents a good chunk of the company’s business.

VIA [ NewLaunches ]