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Pringles Can Of The Future Should Look Like This

Pringles Can Of The Future Should Look Like This

By David Ponce

The annoying thing about concepts is that they’re so easy. You just think of something, draw it up and show it to people. Then, usually, nothing happens and today is no exception. The above design did win Dohyuk Kwon a Red Dot Design Award, so at least there’s that. He called it Bloom Chips and we admit, it’s a pretty neat idea. See, the Pringles can is awesome, but once there are few chips left, you have to actually dip your hand in! Or, worse yet, tilt it and empty the chips out. That’s terrible for reasons we’re unsure of. What we do know is that while being able to transform the can into a bowl from which we’re free to eat all the contents is pretty cool, it also means that we have to eat all the chips in one sitting. Better be hungry or just don’t pull that paper band up and keep the can intact.

Now we go back to the initial point, which is that concepts are usually just a tease, a glimpse into how products could be but most likely will not for a litany of reasons too long to list. There’s evidently no word on Pringles even being aware of this design, let alone planning to use it.

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