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Philips Has A Monitor That Can Help You Not Be A Slouch

Philips Has A Monitor That Can Help You Not Be A Slouch

By David Ponce

Ergonomics, some say, is important. We would personally find a way to work even while hanging upside down, so it isn’t of much concern to us. But among those who don’t see it like we do is Philips, who has developed a computer monitor that can help keep a good posture while working. A camera on the front of the 24 inch ErgoSensor monitor makes sure that you keep the right distance from the screen, that your head is not tilting forward and even gives you an occasional reminder to get the heck away from your desk and take a break if it notices you’ve been in front for too long. This same presence detection ability is also a good energy saving feature, since the screen will go to sleep when it notices you’re not around.

The ErgoSensor is currently on sale in Europe for 285 euros, though there’s no word on whether it’ll ever make the jump over the pond.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired ]


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