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Winehive Is Clever, Infinitely Expandable Wine Rack

Winehive Is Clever, Infinitely Expandable Wine Rack

By David Ponce

Storing wine is of course best done horizontally, and that’s why wine racks exist; something to do with keeping the cork moist and such. But wine racks usually come in set sizes, accommodating a particular number of bottles and that’s it. They’re not infinitely expandable, like the above Winehive. It’s a really clever product that uses only one aluminum part, which slots into the others to form a hexagonal structure into which you can store as many bottles as you’re willing to purchase parts. They’re sold as “packs” of 12 slats (for a lack of a better word), with one pack being able to store 5 bottles. 2 packs (24 slats) can store 9 or 10 bottles, depending on your chosen configuration. And it goes up from there.

Right now on Kickstarter (and fully funded) a pack goes for $45, two for $85 and four for $165. Like most things, the more you buy the cheaper each pack gets, with an investor option of 170 packs going for $5,000 or roughly $35 per pack.

It’s a clever design, one that happens to look quite snazzy as well.

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