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Ultimate Beer Cooler Is A Frozen Head

Ultimate Beer Cooler Is A Frozen Head

By David Ponce

Beer is great. So is summer. Put the two together and you’ve got sunny inebriated fun for all. Except of course for when you leave your beer out in the heat for too long and it goes all warm on you. In Japan, the folks behind Kirin beer have come up with a solution for keeping your malt beverage icy longer, and we think it’s genius: a frozen head of bubbles. It comes out of a machine much like ice cream would, except the frozen treat is made up of whipped up beer and it floats atop your beverage like an ice cream float would. As it melts and cools the beer you’re not diluting anything since it’s made of beer.

Unfortunately this looks like it’s Japan only at the moment, with the product out in Tokyo only for now and expanding nationwide this summer. But really, how hard would it be to bring this stateside?

VIA [ ShortList ]