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Last Alert App Helps You Avoid Losing Your Phone

Last Alert App Helps You Avoid Losing Your Phone

By David Ponce

It’s easy enough to find your phone when you lose it: just call it. But of course you’re the kind of dumbass that only loses his cell when the battery is out, right? Then what do you do? Well, the Last Alert application gives you three lines of defence. First, you can set an audible alarm to sound when the battery reaches a certain predetermined level. You can set up to three such alarms. Secondly, when it senses it’s about to run out of juice, it will send you an email with your last known GPS coordinates. Finally, if you have the application installed on a second iDevice, you can use the compass feature on that one to help you navigate to your temporarily misplaced cellphone.

It was a project on Kickstarter that got full funding, so the application should be ready for download this month.

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