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Enso Pearl Timer Improves On Old Tech

Enso Pearl Timer Improves On Old Tech

By David Ponce

So the situation might come when you need to have multiple timers set up, sequentially. Say you’re doing a series of yoga poses and you want to hold each one for a different amount of time. Or you’re stationary cycling and need a cue for when to shift speeds. The Enso Timer could come in handy. You can set up to 50 different countdowns, which will start one after the other. And instead of a traditional digital timer counting down the seconds, you have a circle forming around the periphery, which makes it possible to see at a glance just how much time is left until the next countdown. Matter of fact, you can set the timer up to use audio cues instead so you don’t have to look at the thing at all.

The Enso Pearl can also double as an alarm clock as well. It’s not going to be cheap however: £69.99 or about $110.

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