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Clean Bottle Runner Is All-In-One Solution For Runners

Clean Bottle Runner Is All-In-One Solution For Runners

By David Ponce

The Clean Bottle is a simple 22-oz. bottle of water with a sports spout that happens to have a screw off base to make cleaning easier. But now there’s a newer version that features a special add-on for runners. The product is called Clean Bottle Runner and it’s a combination of the Clean Bottle and a sort of strap-on wallet that lets you carry all your essentials. on the front there’s space for your phone, and at the back is an elastic band that lets you keep a couple of gel packs. There’s also room for cards, cash, ID or any small item you might want to bring with you on your run. The shape of this attachment turns it into a handle of sorts, so that you simply slip your hand in, and run with bottle, phone, cards and whatever else all securely in one hand. It might seem like a lot to carry in one hand, but it might beat having all this stuff clunking around in in your pockets.

It’s $30 and ships in May.

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