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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Knork Is The Spork’s Slow Cousin

By David Ponce

The Spork, as we hope you know, is the child of the marriage between a spoon and a fork. Constantly snubbed by people with “class”, we think it’s a great utensil. But it turns out that it has a strange cousin and it’s called the Knork. Call it a half-brother, really, since fork went and did the ugly with knife, and this is what came out. This new utensil lets you use a fork much in the same way you’ve been using it already, by cutting stuff up with its side. Only in the Knork this side has been sharpened. How sharp we don’t know, but we assume not too much unless you like to cut the inside of your mouth with every bite. It’s $25 for a set of 4, though there are many more options with prices ranging from $5 for one (a trial Knork) to $125 for a whole dinner set.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Tetran Creature Will Eat Your Earbuds

By David Ponce

Until they get wireless earbuds right, we all have to deal with what to do with them when not using them. Tetran is a little rubber creature that will happily let you wrap your cords around its spiky body and hold on to the buds themselves with its mouth.

It’s not a terribly exciting product, but someone somewhere will find it cute and think $27 is a good price for it.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Matomeno ]

Digital Bolex Shoots In RAW

By David Ponce

Shooting video with most cameras, even many expensive ones, will produce footage that is compressed. This is of course in order to fit more of it onto your storage solution, but it has a bunch of drawbacks. The main one is that post-processing is much, much harder like this because all your settings (white balance, colour balance, contrast, etc.) are set right into each frame and not longer adjustable, at least not without some quality degradation. The Digital Bolex camera pictured above is a fully funded project on Kickstarter that shoots in RAW, which splits the data from its associated settings. This means you can easily change stuff around in post. It also means that each frame is quite large (3MB to 4MB) so the Digital Bolex uses dual CF cards for storage with an SSD buffer. The guys behind the project are even developing a software suite to manage RAW workflow.

It’s fully funded, which means the first 80 cameras at $2,500 are now sold out. There are still 19 at $3,500, though you don’t get a whole lot more camera out of it. You can wait a little longer and get one then, as they expect to have them on the market by the fall.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

The Kids Sure Like To Huff: This Time It’s Desserts

By David Ponce

In the what are kids huffing today segment, we have news of electronic cigarettes that aren’t cigarettes at all. So instead of packing nicotine along with some flavor meant to make addiction slightly more tasty, the Vaportrim inhalers shoot dessert flavors into your nose and mouth. No nicotine. They market themselves as dieting aids, and in reality are probably the exact opposite. Because everyone knows that smelling and tasting raspberry cheesecake when you’re hungry will just want to make you not eat anything at all, right?

Vaportrim is used to replace your craving of sweets and junk food. Research has shown that 70 to 75% of what you taste is smell. As you inhale, smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it’s full

Yeah… sure… that’s what’s gonna happen. Anyway, these work much in the same way that electronic cigarettes work: they vaporize a glycerin solution that contains the fragrances and the only byproduct is allegedly water vapor. They are $10 each and if you hit the break, you’ll see a graph with all the flavors along with links. Highlights? Milk Chocolate and Maple Pancakes.

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Childhood: Mildly Ruined

Don’t do drugs, kids. Message courtesy of everyone’s favorite friend-zoned plumber.

VIA [ LikeCool ]

New Robotic Wheelchair Could Allow The Paralyzed To Stand

By David Ponce

Being in a wheelchair, especially if it’s because you’re paralyzed from the waist down, is really not a lot of fun. Not only is your mobility compromised, but things we take for granted are taken from you: reaching for items in higher racks in shopping aisles, or washing your hands in some restrooms are just two examples of things you simply can’t do when paralyzed. But a new chair currently in development in Turkey could change all that. The Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device features a spring assisted lever arm that can raise you from a sitting to an upright position with a simple tug of the arms. Movement and direction are then controlled much like regular electric chairs, via a joystick. It can even make getting into it easier: instead of having to hop from your bed to your chair, you can summon it with a remote control and just tie yourself in right from where you’re sitting since a detachable seat stays with you when you’re off it.

It has already undergone clinical trials and is awaiting approval for sale to the public. We don’t know the price, nor whether it’ll even be available outside of Turkey.

If you want to see a video of it in action, hit the link below.

[ Reuters Article ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Awesome New Product Could Kick NFC In The Nuts

By David Ponce

A lot of money is being poured into electronic wallets and integration of near field communications into cellphones. Google Wallet is one example of one company investing large sums into the kind of project that, while ambitious, may take a while to take off. See, the problem with NFC is that it requires a point of sale hardware update, so that you’re actually physically able to pay by waving your phone around. Think about that for a minute. How many mom and pop shops will buy in? How long will it take to spread to the millions of businesses out there? How fragmented will the marketplace be? Credit card acceptance, on the other hand, is already pretty widespread. The Geode from iCache knows this and brings a universal wallet you can actually use, in a couple months, pretty much anywhere credit cards are accepted. NFC just became useless. Hit the break to find out how it works.

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Sticky Pad May Harness Gecko Power To Hold On To Your Gadgets

By David Ponce

The Grippy Pad holds on to your items, even in the strangest places. We’re not going to categorically say that it uses the same principle as that of Gecko feet but the company that sells it alludes to it so it actually might. If you don’t know, Gecko’s feet are covered in thousands of microscopic hairs, which allows them to cling to almost any surface without using chemical glues. One customer on the website states that his Grippy Pad is able to hold a full cup of tea; chances are your phone will be pretty secure on your dashboard. It leaves no residue and only requires occasional cleaning with a damp cloth, probably to remove dust or other things that could get stuck to it and diminish its sticking ability.

It’s also quite cheap, at £7 ($11).

[ Product Page ] VIA NewLaunches ]

Sony’s Xperia Sola Is A Touchscreen Phone Without The Touch

By David Ponce

This phone’s specs are boring. Lame. So lets get that part out of the way first: “1GHz dual-core processor, 3.7-inch Reality Display, Android 2.3 (upgradable to 4.0 ICS) and NFC.” I’m getting goosebumps. But there is one saving grace, and it’s a decent one: this phone doesn’t require you to actually touch the screen for you to be able to use it. You simply hover your fingertip and a cursor will move about until you’ve placed it over the link you wish to select. Then it’s a simple matter of tapping once. Calum MacDougall, Head of XperiaMarketing for Sony Mobile Communications, commented; “Xperia sola
comes with the power of Sony and a sense of magic with floating touch, giving consumers a fun new way to browse the web.”

The company expects that as the feature matures, applications will be developed to take advantage of the new functionality.

VIA [ DVice ]