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The Berlin Boombox Ia Made Of Cardboard, Is Eco-Friendly

The Berlin Boombox Ia Made Of Cardboard, Is Eco-Friendly

By David Ponce

We read somewhere that the consumer electronic device with the highest rate of acceptance in American households was the boombox. It was accepted faster than the CD player (came in 2nd) or even the VCR (4th). And despite it falling out of fashion in the mid 90’s or so, like so many trends, it seems to be making a comeback these days. So that’s why we’re not surprised to hear of the Berlin Boombox, a cardboard boombox that you assemble yourself. It comes with all the electronic parts, including an amplifier, and assembly just takes minutes and requires no specific knowledge. It features a phone dock, but with a 3.5mm jack so you can use almost any music player and not just an iPhone or iPod.

It’s currently under funding on Kickstarter, and it costs $50 to pre-order with delivery in June. Not a bad price considering just how unique a product you’re getting. Plus, when you’re done with it you can just put it in the recycle bin.

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