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Shi**er Prints A Twitter Feed Onto A Roll Of Toilet Paper

By David Ponce

Say you think really highly of someone. And by highly, we mean you’d like to wipe your behind with their words. You can do that now, thanks to a new service called Shi**er. It’s not actually called that, at least not with the asterisks, but we don’t want to have some overzealous firewall decide to block us, so we’re putting those where the letter “t” would normally be. But of course you knew that, we just wanted to point out how stupid we think firewalls can be.

Anyway, you either give the company your own feed, or someone else’s feed or even a list you create and they will ship out to you a 4-pack of regular toilet paper, with the feed nicely printed on it, for $35. Whether or not you use it to wipe your behind after paying that princely sum is entirely up to you.

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