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Soundlazer Focuses Sound, Much Like A Laser Focuses Light

By David Ponce

Parametric speakers are speakers that are very good at focusing sound, so that its beam is narrow and can be aimed at a particular target. The technology has been around for quite a while, but not until recently has any effort been made to construct them out of modern electronic components. The Soundlazer is, well, just that. It’s a small set made up of 39 piezo ultrasonic transducers, an Analog Devices ADAU1701 Digital Signal Processor and lots of other surface mount parts. And it does just one thing: focus a beam of sound so that only your target can hear it and no one else.

What’s this good for? Let’s see: pranks! You just plug it into your music player and make them hear things only they can hear. You know that’s absolutely worth the $175 (without the red aluminum case) or $250 (with).


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