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Robotic Galileo iPhone Dock Lets You Pan And Tilt At Will

Robotic Galileo iPhone Dock Lets You Pan And Tilt At Will

By David Ponce

So, doing the FaceTime thing is not fun. At least, not for us basement and darkness dwellers, seldom exposed to the light that might make us more presentable to a remote audience. But as it turns out many of you do enjoy it and would probably benefit from the purchase of this here Galileo iPhone dock. It secures your phone in place and lets you rotate 360 degrees (and up and down) from a remote iOS device. It’s as simple and intuitive as swiping your finger; the camera is able to rotate through 200 degrees a second so it should be able to keep up with even the most elusive target. Also the company is in talk with third party developers who will be able to access its SDK and code applications for the Galileo. Time-lapse and panoramic photography have been discussed.

It’s available for pre-order from the fully funded Kickstarter project for $85 right now. It’s going to go up to $129 after that. Delivery? Sometime in June of this year.

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