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LED Glove For Cyclists Lets Everyone Know What You’re About To Do

By David Ponce

The idea is pretty simple: wear these gloves cycling, and when you close your fist the conductive yarn they’re made of will complete a circuit which will then light up the LEDs embedded on the back. You’re then able to signal your turning intention to motorists behind you, greatly reducing the chances of being converted into gross road pancake. Of course some of you will point out that there’s already a system in place for doing the same thing, one that doesn’t require LEDs at all, and that’s true… But come on, this has a geek factor to it that can’t be denied.

There’s no word on price or availability, although Irene Posch (their creator) does mention her desire to make them available for purchase. And she apparently sold one on Etsy, but we can’t figure out for how much. But really… how hard can it be to Mcguyver this?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BonjourLife ]