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Your Closet Can Get Rid Of Odours By Releasing Ions

Your Closet Can Get Rid Of Odours By Releasing Ions

By David Ponce

Sharp has a patented technology called Plasmacluster. And now Daiwa of Japan is selling a system that uses this tech to freshen up the clothes in your closet. Here’s how it works:

When airborne, these positive and negative ions, fasten to the surfaces of suspended microbes, forming highly oxidising hydroxide (OH) radicals and instantly removing the hydrogen (H) from the surface proteins. This results in the physical breakdown of the surface membrane of the microbe, rendering it inactive.

As we know, it’s the microbes that stink the most, although the company claims you can get rid of other smells, like tobacco. It’s not cheap though, as the system will set you back $480. Fortunately it doesn’t rack up your energy bill much, since it consumes just 3.8W of power.

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