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TrekPak Insert Does Away With Velcro, Could Be Gearhead’s Best Friend

By David Ponce

If you’ve got a solid collection of lenses, flashes, filters, and equipment, then you’ve probably given some thought about how to transport it all. Current solutions involve replaceable dividers that are stuck with velcro. And that’s fine except there are better, more elegant systems out there and the TrekPak looks like it fits that bill. Instead of the velcro, the dividers are held in place with U-shaped pins. The dividers themselves are perforated with holes that makes it possible to place the pins pretty much anywhere and configure the insert any way you like. The pictures above should give you an idea of the flexibility of this system. The inserts are water resistant and scratch resistant; we suspect treated polyester but what do we know.

Currently on Kickstarter and not fully funded, you can buy into the system for as little as $23. For this you have to already own a Pelican case, and wish to buy the insert system. Prices go up from there, with the customization options seemingly endless.

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