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Wrap Bowl Tupperware Dish

Wrap Bowl Tupperware Dish

By David Ponce

We’ve all done it. You start eating something and decide you’ve had enough, put it in the fridge and come back two days later to find the food all dried up and gross. Some of the more enterprising of us sometimes try to use saran wrap to try and preserve some freshness, but it rarely works well. The Wrap Bowl Tupperware dish is a ceramic bowl and silicone lid. The lid fits snugly over the bowl and features a release valve to let out steam if you decide to reheat your food in the microwave, which is it safe for. It’s a smart design, but unfortunately not a cheap one: $37 for a single bowl. Comes in the colors: Avocado, Cafe au Lait, Mustard, Tomato.

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