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Pair Is An App For Long Distance Lovers

Pair Is An App For Long Distance Lovers

By David Ponce

Being in a long distance relationship sucks. If you download Pair, the application this article is about, it’ll still suck. You’ll just have a bit more fun while being miserable. Pair lets two people link up their phones and creates a private shared timeline. You’re then free to do a variety of things that both of you can enjoy privately, like posting pictures and videos, sending messages, drawing things, etc. One of the better features is the ability to give each other a “thumb kiss”: you place your thumb on screen and when both of you are in the same spot, the phone vibrates. You can also have joint “to-do” lists.

For couples that are in love, this can be a fun way to do what many are already doing very publicly on Facebook, at their friends’ sometimes too silent dismay. It’s a free download on the Apple app store, with an Android version in the works.

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  • Tu Cargador Solar

    Nice app for lovers… It’s everything you need to keep always in touch with your girlfriend.

  • Dissertation Writing

    Nice app, I doubt I will personally use it but it can be of a great use for those who are in love