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Make Your Own Miniature Junk Food By Just Adding Water

By David Ponce

This product is all kinds of awesome and weird rolled into one. Happy Kitchen Hamburger is a packet that contains different powders so that you may create your very own miniature cheeseburger meal, with fries and soda. The result ends up tasting like burger!

Your favorite fast food meal now comes in miniature candy form with the hamburger edition of the Happy Kitchen series! Mix the dough, cut the french fries, ‘bake’ the buns, shape the hamburgers, mold the cheese and even prepare your own ketchup. To wash it all down, you’ve got a cola to go along with your meal. From start to finish, you’ll have a smile on your face as your prepare you miniature treat!

To really get a grasp of just what this is, you have to watch the video. The best part is that it’s $4.50.

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