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The Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot Looks Pretty Badass

The Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot Looks Pretty Badass

By David Ponce

Slingshots don’t have to be all ghetto, made up of some discarded tree branch and rubber bands. There’s a small industry built around them, and some are pretty hardcore. While it may not be the most accurate or even the most powerful on the market, the Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot looks like it means business. Cut from a “1/2inch thick aluminum plate with a waterjet at 50,000 psi for unrivaled strength and low weight,” the hunting/target practice tool has a band made from Thera-Band Gold material (for a fast shot and long life) with a 16 pound pull weight at approximately a 28″ draw. The handle is wrapped in “550 test weight paracord for comfort. The paracord also provides a source of very strong cord (should you ever need it while in the field).” Clearly it’s designed for the outdoorsy type in mind, but at $100, you’ll have plenty of money left over to buy other outdoorsy gear as well. Due to recent spike in demand, there is a 3-4 week backorder.

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