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This Ring Is Carved Straight Out Of A Diamond — 150 Carats’ Worth

By David Ponce

The above is not a gadget, not exactly new, but it is all kinds of amazing. It’s the creation of Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of Shawish Jewelry. It could be called “the world’s first diamond ring” and it wouldn’t be a lie. very other “diamond ring” out there is really a “ring of gold, studded with diamonds.” This on the other hand, well is a ring that’s been carved entirely from a giant diamond. Using lasers and traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques, the ring weighs in at an impressive 150 carats. A year went into its making and its design is copyrighted, much like the shape of the Coke bottle is. It’s expected to sell for $70 million, though it was recently on display at Baselworld, leading us to believe that it has found no buyer. Yet.

[ Company Website ] VIA [ BornRich ]

  • Chris Johnston

    Good luck getting that re-sized if it doesn’t fit!

  • Jitendra Patel


  • Jitendra Patel


  • Michael Bowman


  • Michael Bowman


  • Pam Berinato Morris

    Just wrap scotch tape if it is too big.

  • Janice Allen

     LOL, tape is so ewwww.
    They make ring guards for this sort of thing <3

  • Matt

     Honestly, it might be cheaper to surgically re-size your finger.

  • Brenda Fitzgerald

    wonder the ring size

  • Cynthia Woods

    I would rather the money..That is too much, and look like it’s fake.They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but if you have that one everybody will be your friend, and that you don’t want.. Just 1 ct. i would be happy.

  • Darlene Fritz

    Who would be brave enough to wear it.

  • Lynette Kemeny

    Wonder if its ok to not like something that valuable LOL

  • Patricia Kresha

    WOW!  My First thoughts are NOT normally of Violence when I see something this AWESOME…..But for some reason I got a visual of it on MY finger and 
    I was Punching someone in the Temple!  “Ya NOW your special!”   Ouch!              Or Totally BITCH SLAPPING some DUDE!   Damn I don’t know Who, 
    (or is it Whom?), is channeling through Me.  Because I hate Violence and that includes, Don’t even think about Spanking Me! 

  • Gunnar Grosenbacher

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Gunnar Grosenbacher

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Shay Ferguson

    ooooh pretty…

  • True American

    Vanity …

  • AllenJohn White

    now that on your middle finger, and surrounding fingers, in topaz, emerald, ruby, and saphire WOW.

  • Petunia Ortega

    WOW very UNIQUE

  • Anonymous

    Diamonds that will shut her 

  • Anonymous

    Diamonds have a perfect cleavage.  You wouldn’t want to bump your hand on the table too hard or its back to the drawing board or shall I say the facet table.

  • Susie~G

    Who would wear the gosh awful thing?  Yeah it is pretty, but as a ring, not so much!  I would rather have a nice tastefully done 3 karat ring.  LOL!

  • Frank Venuti

    People are starving all over the world and some arrogant douche bag will spend 70 million on a f**king ring..makes me sick

  • Frank Venuti

    People are starving all over the world and some arrogant douche bag will spend 70 million on a f**king ring..makes me sick

  • RgB

    Can we say MINE .. Who cares if it fits properly – if you can afford this ring you can afford to BUY something to make it fit..

  • Willie

    But if we seperate the ring stays with me even if I’m to blame lol

  • CarolA

    That ring lends new meaning to “Unique”

  • Austin Martinez

    Gorgeous. I wonder how many Facets it has total?

  • April Jo Orozco


  • Md Jamal

    Bargaining is thr ?????? LOL

  • Daryl Martin

    Yo dawg…

  • Sam Smith

    The article is somewhat misleading. It’s not a wedding ring.
     Rather, my unconfirmed sources tell me, it was ordered and custom fit for Jamie Dimon’s winkle…but he got really picky and weaseled out of the deal at the last minute.  Luckily, J.D.’s willy, hard, is pretty much the diameter of the average woman’s ring finger, so…