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Your Rice Cooker Can Now Interface With A Smartphone

Your Rice Cooker Can Now Interface With A Smartphone

By David Ponce

Rice cookers are pretty important in Japan, so it’s no surprise to see manufacturers pay attention to them and bring them up to speed in terms of their technological abilities. Panasonic’s SR-SX102 is perhaps at the forefront of this trend, with the introduction of a cooker that can play nice with your smartphone. Simply wave your supported FeliCa-enabled Android phone (FeliCa is a contactless RFID technology developed by Sony Corporation) over the blue dot on the lid and you’ll be able to set the rice type, cooking type and timer. Also, the phone can then connect to Panasonic’s cooking cloud server and access up to 100 recipes.

This appears to be a Japan only affair, and if pressing buttons directly on the lid and downloading recipes off the Internet like a regular person abhors you, then you’ll have to shell out $600 and find a way to import the machine.

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