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The Knork Is The Spork’s Slow Cousin

The Knork Is The Spork’s Slow Cousin

By David Ponce

The Spork, as we hope you know, is the child of the marriage between a spoon and a fork. Constantly snubbed by people with “class”, we think it’s a great utensil. But it turns out that it has a strange cousin and it’s called the Knork. Call it a half-brother, really, since fork went and did the ugly with knife, and this is what came out. This new utensil lets you use a fork much in the same way you’ve been using it already, by cutting stuff up with its side. Only in the Knork this side has been sharpened. How sharp we don’t know, but we assume not too much unless you like to cut the inside of your mouth with every bite. It’s $25 for a set of 4, though there are many more options with prices ranging from $5 for one (a trial Knork) to $125 for a whole dinner set.

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