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Digital Bolex Shoots In RAW

Digital Bolex Shoots In RAW

By David Ponce

Shooting video with most cameras, even many expensive ones, will produce footage that is compressed. This is of course in order to fit more of it onto your storage solution, but it has a bunch of drawbacks. The main one is that post-processing is much, much harder like this because all your settings (white balance, colour balance, contrast, etc.) are set right into each frame and not longer adjustable, at least not without some quality degradation. The Digital Bolex camera pictured above is a fully funded project on Kickstarter that shoots in RAW, which splits the data from its associated settings. This means you can easily change stuff around in post. It also means that each frame is quite large (3MB to 4MB) so the Digital Bolex uses dual CF cards for storage with an SSD buffer. The guys behind the project are even developing a software suite to manage RAW workflow.

It’s fully funded, which means the first 80 cameras at $2,500 are now sold out. There are still 19 at $3,500, though you don’t get a whole lot more camera out of it. You can wait a little longer and get one then, as they expect to have them on the market by the fall.

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