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Lamborghini Aventador J Drops The Roof, And Windshield, And All Pretense Of Restraint

By David Ponce

It’s not like the Lamborghini Aventador isn’t already a badas car. We wouldn’t mind having one parked in our driveway. But the Aventador J, pictured above, well… Let’s just say that non-vital body parts might be bartered for a simple ride in it. Not only does it have no roof, it has no windshield, opting instead for wind deflectors that are meant to keep the full force of the rushing air from your face. It’s still road legal, even though it certainly looks like it shouldn’t be. It still has that 700bhp V12 engine that is in the “regular” Lambo, but has “weight-reducing, speed-increasing features like the lack of an audio, navigation, or HVAC system, Forged Composite seats with inserts made from “Carbonskin” — a new carbon fiber fabric.” So yeah, it’s a lot lighter than the original. And it’s also a lot rarer: there will be only one made. A single one.

Can you afford it? That’s a silly question, my friend. With something this rare, even if you had the money, odds are you still couldn’t buy it.

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    amazing car

  • Pierre Arpin

    I prefer a big telescope for the same price tag.

  • TaylorS

    NO. I will buy this. I’m offering 20 million USD now to whoever can get me a title to this car. It’s beautiful.