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Tune Blocker Charge And Sync Cable Puts iTunes Back In Its Place

By David Ponce

iTunes is great, but it’s also like a needy girlfriend. It’s just always there, hungry for your attention, pleading and nagging. Every time you plug that iPhone in, iTunes just pops up and wants to talk about the day it’s had. It wants to swap data with you and make sure you’re on the same page, all caught up and synced up. Sometimes you just want to put your feet up and get a nice relaxing charge without iTunes codependant behaviour weighing you down. That’s where the Tune Blocker Charge And Sync Cable comes in. A simple switch lets you decide whether you just want to get a charge, or if you want to give in and “sync up”.

It’s $20.

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  • Anonymous

    Give me 10$ and i’ll un-check the box for you that says “open iTunes when device is connected”