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Circular Tank Is Jellyfish Friendly

Circular Tank Is Jellyfish Friendly

By David Ponce

Keeping jellyfish in a tank used to be risky business. Well, no. It was impossible. And that was simply because the little buggers kept getting sucked into the filter and got shredded to pieces. This Desktop Jellyfish Tank changes all that. It actually came out a couple months ago, was fully funded on Kickstarter, and somehow we missed reporting on it. Shame on us. But what this tank does differently is that it filters the water using a laminar flow, along the walls of the tank, creating controlled swirls which continuously nudge the jellyfish to the centre of the tank and away from danger. It hold 8 gallons of water and the kit comes with everything you need to get setup, including the jellyfish and some food (though these are shipped separately). But it’s far from cheap: $499. You have to admit though, this sure beats goldfish.

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