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Bike Planter Lets You Bring Your Plants On Your Bike Ride

By David Ponce

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who ride bikes because they love the environment. No, let’s clarify that: they’re in love with the environment. It’s like them and the environment, sitting in a tree… Speaking of trees, there’s now a little device that lets these nature aficionados display their affections even more loudly. It’s called a Bike Planter and is a 3D printed plant pot that attaches to your bike frame. It’s hand painted in red and has a little yellow elastic to secure the thing. It measures 2.3” tall, 1.4” wide, and 1” deep and costs $45. Plants not included.

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  • Jonathan Davis

    $45?? Are you kidding me? How about rescuing an old film cannister from the dump and gluing a rubber band to it? Or is that not hipster/trendy/earth loving enough?