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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Almond Router Features LCD Screen

By David Ponce

Routers are an indispensable piece of equipment in the home, but they’re often one of the most feared. Think about it. When was the las time you changed your WiFi password? Or changed any of the settings? When did you last type or something like that in your browser bar? “Never” is the answer many of you will give, and that’s just because routers aren’t that easy to use. The Almond router from Securifi hopes to change all that with the inclusion of an LCD touchscreen on its body. Hardware wise, we’re looking at a typical router: 802.11b/g/n, 300Mbps MIMO, 100m range, etc. But it’s the touchscreen UI that makes the Almond stand out; it’ll allow you to configure everything right on your device with a few simple finger presses.

The Almond should hit the market in the spring of this year for under $70.

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Water Pebble Watches Usage, Helps You Cut Down

By David Ponce

Taking a shower is already better than taking a bath when it comes to how much water you use. That’s of course unless you’re a girl, in which case you likely spend upwards of one hour in there, doing heaven knows what and making an appreciable dent into your town’s fresh water reserves. That needs to stop. The Water Pebble, which has been around for a couple of years, is a bit like a smoker’s nicotine patch. You put it at the bottom of the shower where it initially monitors how much you use. It then uses a series of lights to gradually cut down from that initial baseline.

It’s a $10 gadget, so we don’t really know if it’s sophisticated enough to detect between multiple users. But at that price, everyone in the household can get their own and save the planet and all those green things.

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Buy These Earrings And Get Free Cake As Bonus

By David Ponce

For anyone with a hole in their ears and a soft spot for GLaDOS and Aperture Labs, the above Portal earrings will let the world know how you feel. They’re rather large at 1.5 inch a piece, but don’t cost a fortune: $20. And even though they’re sold on Etsy (which often features handmade items), they’re made from laser cut acrylic for consistent and accurate reproduction. As you can imagine however, demand is high. This means there’s a 10 day backlog which will probably grow longer the more you wait to place your order.

Also, the cake is a lie.

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Always Serve A Perfect Portion With This Plastic Container

By David Ponce

Currently in the development phase at Quirky, the Silo is a simple container that lets you serve an exact portion of dry good every single time. A set of adjustable dividers let you choke between 1/2 and a full cup and all you have to do is tilt. Want another cup? Tilt again. That’s a cool way to get to your cereals.

It’s not revolutionary tech, as some bars feature a similar system for pouring drinks. But at a projected price of $9, it’s not a bad deal. Availability date is unknown.

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A Real Man’s Mug Lets You Mount Tactical Equipment

By David Ponce

Milled out of a 13.5 pound 6061 T6 aluminum block, the OPMOD Battle Mug is about as hardcore a mug as money can buy. It features 3 military spec rails that let you mount just about any accessory that you would normally mount on a rifle: scopes, night vision sights, lasers, you name it. The handle itself is the handle from an AR-15 rifle which was mounted onto one of the rails. It holds 24 ounces of liquids and has a Mil Spec Type III Anodized finish. And as cool as it looks bare, it’s really only once you start decking it out with the accessories that it gets a personality.

Of course, none of this is cheap. The mug itself is $250. The accessories… well, the OPMOD PVS-14 Gen III Night Vision Monocular sight for example is a hair under $3k. Pocket change really, for what is undoubtedly the manliest mug in the market.

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Wingsuit Adrenaline Junkie Nearly Dies, All Caught On Several Cameras

By David Ponce

Jumping off a cliff and flying around in a wing suit looks like one of the most amazing things a human can do. Videos like this one have left this editor dreamy for days on time. Jeb Corliss, who like to go by the name The Birdman, is no stranger to this activity. Already famous for videos like this one with almost 11 millions views, Jeb’s latest is of an entirely different nature. It’s a stark reminder that as awesome as the sport looks, death is really only ever inches away. In the video above, you can see Jeb’s lower body impacting rock and breaking every single bone in his legs… and yet he survives.

Well the answer is very simple. I was flying too close and messed up I was going for a black balloon that was basically laying on the rocks and was going to try and kick it with my foot. In order to do this I had to fly low and flat between boulders. My left foot clipped a boulder that dragged me into a flat ledge that I took at the waist at full speed. If I had not clipped that boulder I might have made it, I might have still impacted. It’s very hard to tell from the footage. Everything happens very fast. But when you go for a flight where inches are the difference between making it and not making it well impact is very possible. I knew this and took the risk and paid the price for pushing way to hard. I take full responsibility for my actions and am just happy I still have legs to do rehab on.

Watch the video above, which shows his crash from multiple angles. It’s not really gory or gross, but it is shocking.

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Buffalo’s USB Hub Likes To Go Both Ways

By David Ponce

Even though in theory there is a 50/50 chance that you will insert a USB plug into its socket in the correct orientation, in practice things are much different. We’d rate the odds at 1/10, while the likelihood of having a rage-induced USB-connecting coronary much, much higher. Buffalo’s latest 4-port USB hub fixes this small but annoying issue by accepting a USB cable both ways. It doesn’t do USB 3.0 (yup, USB 2.0 here) or do anything else interesting for that matter. But it’s sometimes the small things that go a long way to making our lives just a bit more pleasant. It’s going to set you back $23 and comes in four colours. We’re just not sure exactly when it’s available.

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The Daddle Is A Saddle For Dads; Dignity Need Not Apply

By David Ponce

Once again proving that the gift of childbirth is really a euphemism for the death of manhood, we learn today that the Daddle exists. It’s a saddle for dads. Not so that dads specifically can ride something without damaging their nether regions. It’s so that dads can be ridden, by their kids. Meant for children ages 2 to 6, the following review on Amazon best sums things up:

“Please note that this Daddle is Western Style and will not be appropriate for those trained in the English Father Riding Method whereby one holds a rein in each hand and posts the trot. If you are looking forward to father jumping, father fox hunting, father polo or daddy dressage you will not be able to use this Daddle. Western Daddle riders hold the reins with one hand, and sit the trot. The pommel or horn on this Daddle is meant to hold a lariat which is useful when roping cattle or other competing or unruly fathers.”

Indeed, yes, well… A Western Style Daddle is $35.

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This Glove Can Shoot Large Flames

By David Ponce

Patrick Priebe likes to tinker, and create pretty awesome devices. Examples include a wrist mounted crossbow as well as laser gloves. His latest invention is a modification os the laser glove: this time it’s flames that shoot up. Although not the first such apparatus to surface on YouTube, Priebe claims the others’ flames were too small. So he set out to create something better. And while he won’t divulge exactly how he did it (nor will he sell it), he does say the flamethrower includes “a 300-mL butane tank, an NE555 circuit board, an HV driver, a flyback transformer and a set of AA batteries to create a large enough spark to ignite the fuel.” HIs creation, although noisy, creates a really impressive 3-4ft. flame that’s sure to impress your party guests.

And now that this idea has been seeded in your mind, off you go to make your own. Just do yourself a favour and don’t set yourself on fire.

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