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Whole Foods Developing Kinect Powered Shopping Cart

Whole Foods Developing Kinect Powered Shopping Cart

By David Ponce

Grocery shopping can be a nightmare, especially at Whole Foods where the variations on any one item can be dizzying. Gluten-free, low sodium, organic, free-range, peanut free, lactose free… that stuff’s complicated, man. Not to mention, you have to know where to find it all. That may be why Whole Foods is partnering with an Austin-based company called Chaotic Moon to develop a shopping cart that can help you out. The early prototype features integration with Microsoft Kinect. It follows you around the store and scans items as you drop them in, simultaneously checking them off your shopping list and alerting you in case you pick up the wrong version. It’ll even tell you where to find the right one. Check out is accomplished on the cart itself and you can then stroll right out, unless you need bags.

The version shown in the clip below is of course a very rough prototype. There’s no word on when or even if this will actually ever make it into stores.

VIA [ Engadget ]