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Apple Passes $500 Billion Market Cap

Apple Passes $500 Billion Market Cap

By David Ponce

It’s no secret that Apple is making money hand over fist. As a matter of fact, it’s arguable that Apple’s greatest product of late is their money printing machine. On the strength of these numbers, its stock has been doing more than well and just lately the company peeked above the $500 billion point in market capitalization. That, dear friends, is half a trillion dollars. It’s rarefied territory, so some perspective is in order. Only five companies ever climbed this high and only Exxon did it in the last 10 years. What’s even more encouraging for the company is that it managed to add $150 billion since Steve jobs died last October. Perhaps even more sobering is that we don’t really know just how high these numbers could go. An iPad 3 announcement is just a few days away, and of course there are more iPhones to be released as well as 5 years worth of products with Steve jobs prints on them.

How long until Apple tops the trillion dollar mark?

You should check out the link below for The Verge’s interesting timeline of Apple’s market cap over the years.

VIA [ The Verge ]